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Sunday 28 June 2009

We had a fabulous concert performing Karl Jenkins 'Armed Man' receiving rave reviews from our audience with comments like 'Fantastic performance' 'Should have played to a bigger audience' 'Why not take it on tour' '
I wanted to clap all night it was magnificent' ' Have heard the music many times and thought I might have been disappointed it far surpassed my expectations wonderful'

Some audience comments:

FABULOUS again brilliantly done and so moving 

I thought the Armed Man was superb. In fact we were so moved by it we 
needed a stiff drink after. The singing was excellent and we were so impressed with the way everything fitted together including the film
We had a great time and my daughter and our family were so moved by the film footage and the whole experience. The choir and orchestra were excellent.
Thank you for a most wonderful experience on Sunday. Although the words and music of the Armed Man are familiar to me, the impact and presence of a superb choir, orchestra and presentation took me completely unawares. The whole experience of the day and the impact it made on my emotions will last for a long time
You were all magnificent; I was carried away on wings of song coupled with the video. Listening and watching stunning, I went all of a quiver!!!! Well done.... Matt your Conductor was brilliant...he had you all in the palm of his hands and you all responded so well

The audience came from all over the country to see the performance at our wonderful Birmingham Town Hall. The venue was packed and a standing ovation was given at the end of this charity concert in aid of the national charity 'Action for Children'